this dream i had

by ciejthemoment

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this one is for the beautiful young thang i always see in my dreams..


oh my five clouds in my face,
night time for blue moon i got taste,
oldsmobile bitch st. louis where i'm based,
but i approach the flow with a world wide take,
park the osmo by china man for heaven sake,
got the fried rice with the little bits of steak,
beef fried and the girl beside me looks great,
lips are like a sip of water by the heavens gates,
reveries of me seein how it taste got me,
so mispositioned i live in a dream state i just,
wanna set her on fire no cremate,
increasing her heart beat rate or making her knees shake,
then we straight,
she asked me if i eat cake,
i said only if it's your birthday,
she said what a coincidence it's on thursday,

and you know you drive me crazy right? yeah
yeah you drive me fuckin wiiiiiiiiiiiild
you know you drive me insane
witcha caramel complexion and your hair let down,
i bet you know you make me go wiiiiiiiiiiild,

oh my five shots in my grill,
the weekend comes everyday so i chill,
but when it's time to make that move then i build,
a mountain of that money to handle all my bills,
a little left over to handle my clothes fetish behold the thread-age i got sneaks she likes hills,
i like her in them flat bottoms to though,
and she got a fat bottom too though,
but past the vision of the aesthetic,
i love the way you look out for me when you make me breakfast,
you make a little extra just in case i'm taking seconds,
and lord knows on that stove you be making blessings,
then it's amen until i see you again,
may be days on end but when i can i fit you in,
you know i'ma hurry back so we can link again,
get back to my homie,
get back to my friend,
aye you my best friend.

and you know you drive me crazy right
you know you drive me fuckin insane don't you
you know you drive me crazy right
witcha caramel complexion and your hair let down,
i bet you know you make me go wild wild

repeat bonita applebum until it fades out


released February 18, 2013
instrumental by bug seed
written by ciej



all rights reserved


ciejthemoment St Louis, Missouri

Ciej is a 21 year old rapper born in Hawaii, raised in Virginia, and now based in St. Louis Missouri where he'd at last founded his love for rapping and producing music. Since his Jr. high school years he'd taught himself the art of production and penmanship to hone and fine tune his raw skill in relation to the art of sound…

MMETTMLDOM x Takeover Sneakerheads x SBi x The Force
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