by ciejthemoment

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a song for 12/12/12


yeah, cha
and this exactly what you think it is
stick up lift up your arms the klepto's on the scene
instrumentals never safe no more
i guess that goes to show just what little i'm grateful for
nigga cold blue soul like it's eight below
or the bottom of them jordan elevens the columbia's though
i always say this but my flows never second to anybody's
the look on your face is always don't remind me
for you i make it a little harder to breathe
protect your name if you must to make it harder for me
but they don't often see i eat the equivalent of a mcdouble a day and i'm still walking and jogging the streets
bitch i'm as hard as this beat
are you nodding with me
if not then your as good as bait to this shark in the sea
swimmin in this liquid metal to your ghetto when i get the sent of blood i never let go
don't swim in here that's death row
this guy sicker than HIV an strep throat
coughing out black clouds of ash that's that death smoke
you see that block your sun then push that peddle to the metal in the other direction
or get swallowed by a devil
hold you by your feet and cut your mid like i was playin cello
you cant blame me i just had my brain jail broke
i walk out my home everyday
without the care that i'll probably never make it home my dad'll prolly cringe at the sound of this fuckin song
but i can't help the way i feel when i'm a fuckin lone
when half the world is made of fuckin clones
they false with no originality to touch up on
like reality is fuckin wrong..

you should just go into hibernation
you should just go into hibernation
tis the season for your hibernation
find a cave and start your hibernation
cause the winter so cold
yeah the winter so cold
yeah the winter so cold
it claim the bitch nigga soul
snatch it from right under ribs i suppose
right from under all your clothes
these bitch niggas gone fold
cause the winter so cold
cause the winter so cold
yeah the winter so cold
yeah the winter so cold
claim the bitch nigga soul


released December 12, 2012



all rights reserved


ciejthemoment St Louis, Missouri

Ciej is a 21 year old rapper born in Hawaii, raised in Virginia, and now based in St. Louis Missouri where he'd at last founded his love for rapping and producing music. Since his Jr. high school years he'd taught himself the art of production and penmanship to hone and fine tune his raw skill in relation to the art of sound…

MMETTMLDOM x Takeover Sneakerheads x SBi x The Force
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